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Back on Track

Joe Hampton - Back on Track

   1.  Don't Cross My Path

   2.  It Takes A Long Time

   3.  People In Power

   4.  One Day In Hell

   5.  Voices

   6.  Falling Away

   7.  I Walk The Land

   8.  Visions Of My Path

   9.  Back From The Dead

 10.  Dead End Town

 11.  Happy Yesterday

 12.  Long Hard Road

 13.  Unfolding World

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Alligator Shoes

Joe Hampton & The Kingpins - Alligator Shoes

   1.  Alligator Shoes

   2.  Let's Shake It

   3.  In The Dark

   4.  Sharp Teeth

   5.  You Put Me On The Spot

   6.  On The Way Down

   7.  I'd Like To Find Out

   8.  Inclined To Agree

   9.  Television Transfusion

 10.  On A Train

 11.  Nobody Cares

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Not Afraid of Anything

Joe Hampton & The Mindless Members - Not Afraid Of Anything

    1.  Not Afraid Of Anything

   2.  Emergency Room

   3.  Bonehead

   4.  Phone To Rome

   5.  I Want You Bad

   6.  Mean Man

   7.  I Don't Like That Talk

   8.  Is It Getting You Down

   9.  Destruction

 10.  I Don't Like It

 11.  Don't Shoot Me

 12.  Society Is Snapping

 13.  Chinese Water Torture

 14.  Androids Hair

 15.  Guardrail

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Guilty as Sin

Joe Hampton & The Kingpins - Guilty As Sin

   1.  Bad News

   2.  Guilty As Sin

   3.  Long Gone People

   4.  I Thought We Had An Understanding

   5.  What you Gonna Do About It

   6.  Mind Gone To Jelly

   7.  I'm Not Going Back

   8.  That's The Way I Feel

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Revenge for Tomorrow

Angry Joe & The Relatives - Revenge For Tomorrow

   1.  Crazy Feeling

   2.  People In Power

   3.  Stress For Success

   4.  The Reason Is Clear

   5.  The Relatives

   6.  He Lost His Marbles

   7.  Living A Lie

   8.  You Don't Know What's Right

   9.  Push Me Too Far

 10.  Look Up At The Sky

 11.  The Life You Live 

 12.  Get Out Of The House

 13.  What Do You Think You Can Do

 14.  Garbage Man

 15.  The House Of Pain

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Society is Snapping

  1. Society is Snapping

  2. Phone to Rome

  3. Bonehead

  4. Androids Hair

  5. Get Rid of the Highbrows

  6. Mean Man

  7. Squat Thrust

  8. Living A Lie

  9. Unreasonable Man

10. Mastering the Mind