Vacuums Cartoons

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I started drawing Vacuums cartoons in 1978. Through the years they appeared in an old publication of mine called Joe Hampton's Mosquito Magazine where they were seen for twenty years. In 1988 I published a collection of my cartoons called Vacuums. In 2020 I will release a new collection called Vacuums to be followed by The Vacuum Vocation.

The following is a review written by David E. Rattray of The Sag Harbor Herald, December 1, 1988:

"Vacuums" presents a funny, thorough invention of a world polarized by broom and vacuum cleaner salesmen. "Vacuums" a series of simply drawn cartoons about life in "Vacuum City" is pleasing in a demented sort of way. It's central figure is a no good vacuum cleaner salesman named Man E. Mosquitos, whose mission is a never ending journey to promote vacuums.

The banal repetition of vacuum related adventures becomes amusing several pages into the book. It's crude and adolescent tone is exactly what makes the cartoons appealing. It is a solid antidote for slick, professional publications that would sooner sprout wings and fly to Greenland then make someone laugh.